We have complete in house manufacturing unit right from the raw material procurements to finished products stage. Spinning Dyeing &Finishing wool/wool blends as well other fibers all are done in house. Our activity is divided into three parts i.e.. Spinning of yarn, weaving of cloth and processing of fabric. we are carrying out our spinning of yarn from 6 counts to 14 counts at our sister concerns solely engaged in spinning for captive use. Raw material is procured with an eye on quality and not on the quantity. This yarn is then diverted out to weaving department for manufacturing various products- from blankets to blazer. These goods are manufactured on weaving machines suitable for heavy weight fabrics. After thorough inspection, these are sent for processing to our own processing house where we have installed machines specially suitable for recycled woolen fabric. By combining all the functions, we are able to offer final products fulfilling all specifications to satisfy our clients.
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